We help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the franchise selection process and provide guidance on doing proper due diligence to put you in a position to make an informed decision before making a financial investment.

We offer complimentary consultation for our services and there is no cost, because we operate very similar to an executive recruiter with the goal of establishing a business match.

You’re not alone! More and more retirees and middle-aged Americans are seeking new opportunities to start the next chapter in their professional lives. If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, then owning a franchise should be at the top of your list.

Those seeking entrepreneurship should seriously consider a franchise business that offers a risk mitigation strategy and a proven track record for success.


Pamela Currie

Pamela specializes in guiding investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to invest wisely in franchise opportunities, minimizing risks while maximizing success. With over 25 years of experience in franchising and corporate America, she offers personalized consulting, leveraging her expertise in franchise selection, training, and sales. As the Host of Franchise Business Radio, Pamela connects, collaborates, and educates in the franchise community, ensuring clients make informed decisions aligned with their personal, professional and financial goals. With affiliations including Franchise.City, ProBusiness Channel, and FranServe. Pamela is your go-to resource for franchise selection.

Jeff Lutz

Entrepreneur, Franchise Owner, Investor, Certified Franchise Consultant.   Jeff started his career over twenty-five years ago in corporate America in various sales, sales management and business development roles with companies such as Honeywell, Siemens & American Standard.  In 2006 Jeff & his wife Nancy opened their own Goddard School franchise after realizing that corporate America was not going to give them the kind of work/life balance, freedom, or wealth building capability they desired. Jeff is an innovative entrepreneur with extensive franchise ownership and franchise advising experience.

George Menassa

I assist persons in their search for franchised business opportunities. With many years in business development and as a multi unit franchise owner, I am capable of providing unbiased consultation and guidance during the process of validation of franchise opportunities.

Shari Currie Skjoldager

Shari Skjoldager is a seasoned business professional with a blended background in traditional corporate America and Franchising.  She has over 14 years experience in Human Resource Consulting and Human Capital Management training and system implementations. She has worked for highly respected companies such as;  Hewitt Associates, PeopleSoft, Oracle.  In addition to being the CEO of her household and raising 3 boys, she has worked in the franchise community in various positions including competitive analysis, store openings, training support and more.  Shari has leveraged her background in accounting, her experience in Human Capital Management and Franchising to become an advanced, certified Franchise Consultant, who helps those considering franchise ownership.  She provides a defined process to assist clients with franchise selection and conducting proper due diligence prior to signing a franchise agreement. Shari is actively involved in the franchise community and in franchise mastermind groups; she is recognized for her passion to continuously learn about new business opportunities, so she can be a value added resource to her peers and clients.  Shari’s analytical insight, collaborative approach and ability to see the parts to the whole makes her a valuable resource and coach during the franchise selection process.